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Globally, both public and private companies rely upon eXtendTech apps for their daily operations.

Our powerful NetSuite SuiteApps are built to perform for you, no matter what industry you’re in.

Explore how our SuiteApps will help you today.

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Are you a Supplier or Distributor running NetSuite? Do words like setups, run charges, proofs, PromoStandards sound familiar?

We’ve got targeted solutions focused on you and your business operations.

Learn how to tackle common challenges and increase productivity through our SuiteApps built for promo.

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Looking to innovate or invent a custom solution to solve your specific business need? Need help with writing a SuiteApp or mastering NetSuite practices? See how our 30+ years of hands on NetSuite experience can help you produce a custom solution built exclusively for your business. Read more >
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Why eXtendTech?

30+ Years of Experience

eXtendTech has proven itself to be a strong force in the Oracle universe. Our combined 30+ years of experience has equipped us with the knowledge and tools to help you achieve a more streamlined day-to-day process.

At eXtendTech, we create innovative SuiteApp solutions that enable you and your team to be more productive. These solutions have proven to increase efficiency, boost profit margin, and deliver higher levels of NetSuite user satisfaction.

Whether you’re an advanced user who’s been working with the best ERP software for several years, or you’re just getting started, we can help you get the most out of your system and deliver high impact results straight to the bottom line.

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SuiteApps That Deliver

Add Valuable Time to Your Day

We’ve created powerhouse SuiteApps and integrations that add valuable time back into your work day. With our wide-reaching bundles and integrations, you can maximize productivity and cut operational costs.

The techniques and processes contained in our bundles reclaim lost time with targeted speed optimization and ensuring accurate input data.

eXtendTech applications are built to help you move faster, do more, and perform better. Our apps, bundles, and integrations offer users a variety of solutions including:

-Cloud storage integration and file management

-Third party API integration

-Database integration and updating

-Presentation creation and automation

-And more!

eXtendTech NetSuite apps
eXtendTech NetSuite apps
eXtendTech NetSuite apps
eXtendTech NetSuite apps

Apps & Integrations for Suppliers & Distributors

Innovators in the Promo Industry

While we serve several different clients across a diverse cross section of industries, everyone tends to have a specialty focus…we’re no different.

Our team has built a reputation for being “NetSuite guys” in the promotional products vertical. The inherent complexity of producing custom goods on a per order basis across a variety of different production methods and vendors has kept the puzzle factor flowing for years.

Many of our promo tools were born from these challenges, and several of our offers have been created to explicitly serve the requirements of our beloved industry.

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Leverage Native NetSuite

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Put your business first with eXtendTech applications and development. Tap into our wealth of knowledge and learn how you can increase your efficiency and productivity.

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