About Us

Enhance. Empower. Extend.

What are we here to do?

We create innovative and thoughtful solutions that enable you to be more productive. These solutions have proven to increase efficiency, boost profit margin, and deliver higher levels of user satisfaction with your NetSuite platform. Whether you’re an advanced NetSuite user / administrator who’s been using the platform for several years, or you’re just getting started, we can help you get more out of your system and deliver high impact results straight to the bottom line.

We see the path differently…

Our unique vision and elite solutioning skills are applied with our expert NetSuite platform knowledge & development capabilities. That is our differentiator. We’re the people behind “the people” delivering NetSuite services and solutions. Our solutions and utilities not only extend the capabilities of NetSuite, but they extend the capabilities of the NetSuite trained professionals who use them as well. 

“How do we do that?”

We stick to a cadence of “Native First”. The smart utility maximizes everything it can out of the core functionality, then leverages it to fill in the gaps between the desired function and the existing function. We would prefer NetSuite to support their core capabilities, so we stick to them whenever possible.

Our History


First Time

Discovery of “NetLedger” and performed first implementation autonomously as a Customer


First Time Promo
First Implementation of NetSuite for a Promotional Products Supplier.


First Time Automations
Customizations and Development within NetSuite to automate and eliminate keyed functions and errors.


First Time external applications
External Web and Mobile Application Development for CRM and Production Floor NetSuite Integrations


First Commercial SuiteApps
Bundled SuiteApps made available to the Promotional Products industry


First Time BFN Certification
eXtendFiles receives “Built for NetSuite” certification, goes Horizontal


Growth and What’s Next
eXtendApps serving multiple industries eXtendMobile is born

Our Vertical Focus

While we serve several different clients across a diverse cross section of industries, everyone tends to have a specialty focus…we’re no different.

For more than thirty years our team members have built a reputation for being “NetSuite guys” in the Promotional Products vertical. The inherent complexity of producing custom goods on a per order basis across a variety of different production methods and vendors has kept the puzzle factor flowing for years.

Many of our tools were born from these challenges, and several of our offers have been created to explicitly serve the requirements of our beloved industry.

Distributor Services

  • Industry Integrations
  • Order Management
  • Artwork and Proofing Processes
  • PromoStandards connected
  • Direct Supplier and Trade Integrations

Supplier Services

  • Item Customization Engine
  • Production Floor Applications
  • Direct, Trade, and PromoStandards Integrations

Industry Focused Implementation

  • Best Practices
  • Functional Department Expertise
  • Common Roles & Dashboard Library
  • Operational Familiarity on both sides of the business

Common Language

  • We speak promo
  • No need to explain terms or concepts
  • Native insight to industry needs
  • Active industry involvement

Our Values




...and always keep learning.

Some of Our Clients