A seamless integration with ASI's ESP platform

ASI for NetSuite Promo


ASI’s ESP platform offers members of the promotional products industry the tools they need for success.

As one of the industry’s leading product research tools, it has become a valuable resource for both suppliers and distributors of promotional products.

Leverage your existing ESP credentials with this integration to search and create items directly within NetSuite!

Are you a supplier interested in our ASI Credit Connect Integration? Click here to learn more.

NetSuite users can enjoy easy access to ASI's ESP with eXtendASI
eXtendASI is a NetSuite app integration with ASI's ESP system.


  • Multiple item search methods. Search by vendor name, ASI number, keyword, product number or a combination of filters in our NetSuite integration.
  • Select and create items based on combinations of colors and/or sizes of items depending on the number of attributes you wish to have.
  • Update ASI pricing and item record information within NetSuite. Automate a workflow to always have your product information up-to-date.
  • All available ESP metadata can be leveraged in your NetSuite account.
Experience real-time ESP updating with eXtendASI for NetSuite


Product details are now at your fingertips right within NetSuite. Quickly execute ESP searches from within NetSuite to search for products and check pricing.

Streamlined data with eXtendTech's NetSuite app integration


Easier data management while improving your company’s overall data accuracy with a single-source data push.

Straightforward item constitution with eXtendASI for NetSuite promo users.


Automatically create items from ASI in NetSuite. View updated pricing information with the push of a button and map ESP fields to item records.

ESP Search Within NetSuite

This ASI integration enables distributors to search the ESP database for product data and item pricing directly from their NetSuite accounts. All data is pulled directly from ESP in real-time ensuring that you always have the most current pricing and product information available.

Refresh Data from ASI

Once items have been constituted via this integration, you can update the item record in NetSuite using the “Refresh from ASI” and “Refreshing Pricing from ASI” buttons.

When clicking the “Refresh from ASI” button, all the latest data from ASI will be updated into your NetSuite item. 

If you only want to update pricing, click the “Refresh Pricing from ASI” button and the latest item pricing info will be updated on your NetSuite item.

Sync and update your NetSuite data automatically with our eXtendASI NetSuite integration app

Sync With And Update ESP Automatically

Choose and map which fields will populate and update information in ESP either automatically or with the click of a button. Save time now! Book a demo with us to learn more.
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