An end-to-end direct API integration with AlphaBroder

AlphaBroder is one of eXtendTech's NetSuite promo integrations.

AlphaBroder for NetSuite Promo


AlphaBroder is a NetSuite integration that enables you to place orders, create items, retrieve invoices and inquire about inventory availability directly within your NetSuite account.

Transact electronically with our end-to-end NetSuite integration while enjoying powerful features such as automatically generating purchase orders, vendor bills and item fulfillments.

eXtendTech's AlphaBroder integration gives you access to the promo powerhouse all from within your NetSuite account.
AlphaBroder logo for NetSuite promo


  • Check inventory availability of items from within NetSuite.
  • Constitute items from the AlphaBroder catalog directly in your NetSuite account.
  • Create and place orders directly from NetSuite.
  • Generate item fulfillments automatically when orders ship.
  • Retrieve invoices automatically and transform POs to vendor bills.
Natively search through AlphaBroder records within NetSuite


Access product details and item pricing through our integration. Easily locate inventory levels of all AlphaBroder products.

See live AlphaBroder data and inventory with the eXtendTech integration.


See live inventory data, current product info, and have the entire AlphaBroder product database at your fingertips.

eXtendTech has now automated steps in your purchasing process with the AlphaBroder integration.


Automatically place purchase orders, create item fulfillments, and vendor bills directly within the NetSuite integration.

Your Contracted Purchase Prices

With this direct API integration, purchase prices you see are YOUR contracted purchase prices for products from AlphaBroder. Use your distributor-specific credentials to build a scheduled workflow to automatically refresh pricing for all connected items in your NetSuite account and always have CURRENT pricing!

NetSuite Transaction Automation

With AlphaBroder for NetSuite you can transmit your PO’s straight to AlphaBroder’s system from NetSuite with the click of a button.

Our integration was created with you in mind to help streamline your transaction process even more from directly within NetSuite. Not only can you place POs, but you can also automatically fulfill your POs and create your NetSuite vendor bills by clicking the corresponding buttons found at the top of any AlphaBroder PO.

You can even take it a step further and write workflows to execute any or all of these functions automatically.

Seriously, it’s that simple. See for yourself today!

Easily search inventory levels.

NetSuite Inventory Search

Not sure which AlphaBroder products or sizes are in stock? Navigate to the inventory search in NetSuite to find the quantities of items you need for your next purchase.
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