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Finally, a fully integrated external storage solution within NetSuite that allows you to leverage all of the native power of NetSuite and customize behaviors leading up, within, and following the utilization of the Custom Record.

NetSuite – Delivered by eXtendTech

eXtendTech combines CRM, Financials, ERP, eCommerce, eXtendTech Applications and professional services into one game changing platform in the cloud providing business visibility, wherever you are, whenever you want. The power of NetSuite!  We bring it to you so that you can move beyond the inferior solutions which are blocking your business growth. Ready for a change?  NetSuite will get you there.  Add our


Stable, multi-functional client applications that are built to scale upwards. These lightweight applications allow you to track and manage different Transactions on the floor. Check in and out transactions, update field values in both static and dynamic configurations. We’ve built this tool with your business in mind. You can use it anyway you want, the