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eXtendFiles for NetSuite

SuiteApp Description

eXtendFiles is a fully integrated cloud storage and proofing solution for NetSuite users. Leverage all the power that NetSuite offers using native custom records, collaborative proofing tools, image conversion, and so much more.

eXtendFiles serves public and private companies across all industries. Food & Beverage, Media, Marketing, & Advertising, Film & Television, Lighting, Medical, Software, Custom Merchandise, Retail, B2B, Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution, Public Safety and more use eXtendFiles everyday!

eXtendFiles does not have any explicit file size limits. You are able to upload any size file as long as it isn’t larger than your cloud storage’s file size limit. Note: you can add a size restriction within the eXtendFiles settings if desired.

eXtendFiles is our broadest reaching NetSuite app built by NetSuite professionals, for NetSuite professionals. eXtendFiles allows you to interact with your 3rd-party storage solution in a whole new way.

SuiteApp Highlights

  • Seamless integration with cloud storage services from Amazon S3, Azure, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive / SharePoint, Dropbox, Oracle Cloud and Box.com.
  • Dynamic captions – roll over images, see the information you want to see…you make the call.
  • FTP Replacement – Generate links on any record to support external uploads. When a file is uploaded, NetSuite notifications can alert you that a new file has arrived.
  • Related Record connection – Files are automatically associated with related NetSuite records so the file can be found throughout the transaction chain, and on the entity records related to them.
NetSuite certified suiteapp that works with the newest release of Oracle NetSuite

eXtendFiles is approved as a 'Built for NetSuite' certified SuiteApp. This certification means that eXtendFiles is fully compatible with the latest releases of NetSuite.

eXtendFiles is a NetSuite app that offers cloud storage integration.


Link your Amazon S3, Azure, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive/SharePoint, Dropbox, Oracle Cloud or Box.com to NetSuite for integrated file access.

Easily convert your files in NetSuite to viewable documents with eXtendFiles.


Converts large, heavyweight files such as AI, EPS, PSD, DST (and more) to JPG images for easy viewing, displaying, and sharing.

Collaborate with your NetSuite team using eXtendFiles as a collaboration and proofing tool for all documents and artwork.


Get feedback, approvals, and collaborative input through an easy-to-use web interface built right into the NetSuite experience.

BYOS (Bring Your Own Storage)

eXtendFiles bridges the gap between your Oracle NetSuite account and your choice of cloud storage account so you can literally, BYOS.

Built-in Collaboration

Say goodbye to clogging up the NetSuite file cabinet and leverage your existing file repositories integrated directly within NetSuite! Get feedback, approvals, and collaborative input through an easy-to-use web interface.

Now you can bypass the need to email files and await responses that then need to be keyed into NetSuite every time.

With eXtendFiles, you can dramatically decrease the amount of time required to send and obtain feedback from your clients or vendors related to the NetSuite files, images, and proofs.

eXtendFiles integrates with transaction and entity records within NetSuite to bring structure to your traditionally unstructured data files.

You can save even more time by using eXtendFiles public upload feature which allows external clients or employees to upload files to a specific record using a generated URL form.

eXtendFiles offers a simple and easy way to integrate your large files into NetSuite. Now you can access your 3rd part storage in NetSuite with an awesome Suiteapp integration.

Easy Cloud Storage Access

Integrate your 3rd party cloud storage solution into NetSuite and take control of your documents with eXtendFiles.
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