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eXtendFiles is a fully integrated cloud document storage and proofing solution for NetSuite users. Leverage all the power that NetSuite has to offer by accessing native custom records, collaborative proofing tools, image conversion, and so much more.

Our NetSuite file cabinet replacement integrates NetSuite with any one of the following cloud storage providers:

  • Amazon S3
  • Microsoft SharePoint / OneDrive
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Drive
  • Oracle Cloud
  • Dropbox
  • Box.com

Whether you’re a small business or enterprise-sized corporation, our NetSuite data storage solutions can support your daily operations.


SuiteApp Repository Integration Highlights

Built for NetSuite certified

Cloud Storage API Built for NetSuite

eXtendFiles is approved as a 'Built for NetSuite' certified SuiteApp, meaning that eXtendFiles is fully compatible with every new release of the platform, offering the best NetSuite storage option.


Customizable Dynamic Caption

Roll over images and see the information you want to see with eXtendFiles customizable dynamic captions.

FTP Replacement icon

Record Link Updates

Generate links on any record to support external uploads. When a file is uploaded, NetSuite notifications can alert you that a new file has arrived.


Related Record Connection

Files and documents uploaded in our NetSuite storage solution are automatically associated with related NetSuite records for easy tracking throughout the transaction lifecycle, connecting the entity records related to them.

Expand Your NetSuite Data Storage Through Cloud Integration

Whether you’re using NetSuite for small businesses or NetSuite is your go-to enterprise software, eXtendFiles drastically changes the way you interact with your documents by giving you a more versatile NetSuite File Cabinet replacement.

With our solution, you can say goodbye to NetSuite data storage limitations and hello to NetSuite integrations using your favorite 3rd-party cloud storage. Use our NetSuite SharePoint with OneDrive integration, NetSuite Dropbox integration, NetSuite Google Drive integration… you get the point. eXtendFiles connects you to most major cloud storage solution providers so you can optimize your NetSuite data storage.

Traditionally, NetSuite’s Standard Tier file storage is limited to only 100 gigabytes of data. For companies across the spectrum, filling up those 100 gigabytes could take no time at all.

eXtendFiles, on the other hand, does not have any explicit file size limits, allowing you to expand your NetSuite storage capabilities. You can upload any size file as long as it is not larger than your cloud storage file size limit. Still, you have the option to add a NetSuite file size restriction for your employees with the eXtendFiles built-in file size restriction tool, if necessary.

Amazon S3 Logo

NetSuite and Amazon S3

Amazon S3 Logo

Quickly connect to Amazon S3 for scalable NetSuite storage.

Dropbox Logo

NetSuite and Dropbox

Dropbox Logo

A NetSuite Dropbox integration built for small to enterprise businesses.

Google Drive Logo

NetSuite and Google Drive

Google Drive Logo

Store and collaborate on files using NetSuite Google Drive integration.

OneDrive Logo

NetSuite and OneDrive

OneDrive Logo

Easily access files with NetSuite OneDrive integration.

Microsoft SharePoint Logo

NetSuite and SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint Logo

Jumpstart collaboration through NetSuite SharePoint integration.

Box.com Logo

NetSuite and Box.com

Box.com Logo

Streamline your document management with a NetSuite Box integration.

Oracle Cloud Logo

NetSuite and Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud Logo

Maximize NetSuite's Oracle cloud storage solutions with eXtendFiles.

Microsoft Azure Logo

NetSuite and Azure

Microsoft Azure Logo

Use Azure and NetSuite for some of the best business software.

NetSuite File Conversion

eXtendFiles offers small to enterprise sized businesses a simple NetSuite file conversion within their account. With this tool, your large and heavyweight files are rendered as .jpg images for easy viewing, displaying, and sharing inside your NetSuite platform. Now, you can quickly view files such as:

  • .ai – Adobe Illustrator Artwork
  • .psd – Adobe Photoshop Files
  • .eps – Encapsulated Postscript
  • .cdr – Corel Draw
  • .dst – Data Stitch Tajima
  • .dxf – Drawing Exchange Format (AutoCAD)
  • .svg – Scalable Vector Graphics

Bypass the need to download files and show clients. With eXtendFiles, you can now view the most important data within our NetSuite document conversion.

You can also take advantage of the dynamic rollover captions that let you access the most important metadata for your company. Now, all the information you need can be quickly found in one place. The eXtendFiles NetSuite  file conversion feature of eXtendFiles will save you valuable time and money in the long run.

An isolated screenshot image of a pdf rendering in NetSuite for easy viewing.
Isolated laptop showing a screenshot of the eXtendFiles:Collaborate edition.

NetSuite Collaboration Integration

eXtendFiles provides a unique collaborative add-on feature for improved efficiency. The eXtendFiles Collaborate Edition lets your external customers and vendors review, comment, and collaborate with you through an intuitive and responsive web interface.

Comments or uploaded files from your external party are then seamlessly tracked to your NetSuite account in real time.

The Collaborate Edition makes data management a breeze, helping your company skip the hassle of tracking email attachments and communications.

Once you’ve installed eXtendFiles Collaborate Edition, you can begin automating the NetSuite application as you would with any other NetSuite trigger.

Want to save more time? Ask about our eXtendFiles public upload feature which allows external clients or employees to upload files to a specific record using a generated URL form.

NetSuite Document Management

Say goodbye to clogging up the NetSuite file cabinet and leverage your existing file repositories integrated directly with our NetSuite document management application! Get feedback, approvals, and collaborative input through an easy-to-use web interface so you can take control of your NetSuite storage and data management.

With eXtendFiles, now you can bypass emailing files and waiting for responses that then need to be keyed into NetSuite every time. Now your company can manage your NetSuite data storage with a tool unlike any other NetSuite app out there.

Our NetSuite File Cabinet replacement helps you dramatically decrease the amount of time required to send and obtain feedback from your clients or vendors related to the NetSuite files, images, and proofs.

On top of that, eXtendFiles offers your business the ease of integrating with transaction and entity records within NetSuite by bringing structure to your traditionally unstructured data files.

Our application serves public and private companies across all industries. Here are just a few examples of NetSuite industries that have benefited from our eXtendFiles tools:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Media
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Film & Television
  • Lighting
  • Medical
  • Software
  • Custom Merchandise
  • Retail
  • B2B
  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale Distribution
  • Public Safety

NetSuite Document Storage Reviews

eXtendTech is a great team to work with. We had no real idea of the setup and they guided us the whole way through. Great team and working on the other side of the world (Australia) was no issue. All inconveniences were dealt with, and they made it simple. This is just the start of our relationship, which I am sure will continue for a long time! NetSuite is a great product which makes more financial sense. and great people to work with too! I highly recommend eXtendFiles.

Cost effective and simple solution!

This is a fantastic solution to storing files on NetSuite records. It is highly customizable, scalable and allows for storing the files in repositories that are much more cost-friendly than file cabinets. The team has been great to work with and the ongoing support is incredibly helpful.

Great Product and Great Team

Our journey to file management in NetSuite started with NetSuite File Cabinet to Box to eXtendFiles. The issue with NetSuite was that you have to keep on buying the space once you run out of it, and with Box, you have to buy a license for each user. I was looking for a seamless solution to integrate NetSuite with OneDrive. eXtendFiles turned out to be the perfect solution for us. Attaching a file to a transaction is a simple drag and drop action, and files attached to one transaction are visible in all related transactions. The installation and post-installation support are excellent. This is a perfect solution for our needs.

Excellent Solution

The time from installation to setup to using this solution is quick and painless. The eXtendTech team was super helpful with a few customizations to match our business needs.

Simple and customizable

eXtendFiles is a proven business solution for our document file and retrieval storage in NetSuite. The eXtendTech team were able to effortlessly implement this integration into our NetSuite instance from end to end. The training they provided empowers our team to manage our files independently!

Seamless Document Management System

We've been using eXtendFiles for a couple of years now and have been extremely happy with this application. It is integrated into several of our forms and business processes. In addition to giving us the flexibility to store files on whichever platform we like, the ability to create meta data around files, link them to records and create workflows as well as scripted automations around these file records, has been a major advancement and time-saver for our business.

Huge step forward for our file management

After working with numerous teams over the years, I found eXtendTech a few years ago and I've never look back. They've helped streamline so many processes through the value of their applications and the team has consistently exceeded expectations throughout.

Hands down the best SuiteApp partner!

So happy to have found eXtendFiles. They were a much needed partner in our NetSuite implementation. Their solution was easy to implement and solved a couple of our key needs ahead of our go-live date!

Much Needed Solution

The solution implemented exceeded expectations both in timing, simplicity, capability and flexibility to address a few issues that we didn't originally include in the SOW.

Simple, Capable and Flexible

Searching for the right digital storage solution felt a little like being Goldilocks -- platforms were either a little too skimpy or too robust for our needs. Then, we found eXtendFiles and they were juuust right!

Super easy to use, implementation was a breeze, and the cherry on top is that the file attachments can be sourced in the criteria for a saved search!

Easy to use digital document storage

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