A NetSuite Order Configurator Bundle Built For Customizing Apparel And Hard Goods

Create fully customized orders to send to your vendor with eXtendOrders. eXtendOrders is a NetSuite order configurator which guides your users through the order entry process.

As a result, all relevant information is ensured to be displayed and captured. Additionally, it will automatically write the lines and generate required documents to get your custom items produced accurately, efficiently, and quickly.

eXtendOrders is built for NetSuite professionals and is a fully functional NetSuite app integration.

NetSuite Order Configurator Highlights

Built for NetSuite certified

Item Detail

eXtendOrders gives you configurable item detail and decoration breakdown menus that are curated based on how your company operates.


Guided Order Entry

The flexibility of this NetSuite order configurator tool and its customizable design is apparent to every new client. Time after time, it becomes an invaluable tool for their NetSuite workflow.

Fully flexible and scalable NetSuite configurator for your NetSuite promo needs.


eXtendOrders is a flexible and scalable NetSuite order configurator that is decoration focused for MTO or program items. Our app is built to follow rule driven itemization that has a native and internal construct.

eXtendOrders for NetSuite offers a straightforward process to get your items from the computer to the person.


With eXtendOrders you can easily enter orders, access artwork management tools, and route your items to the proper decorator for procurement and fulfillment all within NetSuite.

eXtendOrders offers a tailored experience of NetSuite.


Now you can have generated transactions, automated line constitution, formatting and transmission, and memorized re-orders our NetSuite order configurator.

Have eXtendFiles Too?

eXtendOrders has been evolving since the day it was born. It started as an automation tool, but, after processing hundreds of thousands of orders, has grown into so much more.

If you want to show your vendor specific photos of a design or easily attach documents to an order, now you can with eXtendFiles plus eXtendOrders.

Utilize our “File Picker” button on the order creation screen to locate any record that has ever been associated with the specific customer record via eXtendFiles.

Cloud storage integration just got a whole lot easier!

Want to learn about eXtendFiles? Click here.

eXtendOrders item decoration screenshot isolated on a black MacBook showing the NetSuite order configurator within a user's account.

Configurable Item Detail And Deco Breakdown

eXtendOrders offers you the ability to configure your NetSuite app to fit your business needs. Choose item details and decoration breakdown menus that are curated based on how your company operates.

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