NetSuite Promo Apps

Built For

For more than 30 years we have built a reputation of being the NetSuite promo guys. So much so that the foundation of our business was built upon solving NetSuite promo problems. Our NetSuite apps are created specifically for suppliers and distributors alike to help streamline the use of native NetSuite.

Promo Productivity Apps

eXtendFiles is a fully integrated cloud storage and proofing solution for NetSuite users. Leverage all the power that NetSuite has to offer using native custom records, collaborative proofing tools, image conversion, and so much more.

eXtendPresentation allows NetSuite users to generate an external public link on opportunities and estimate records for a data-rich product presentation to send to an external customer.

Create fully customized orders to send to your vendor with eXtendOrders. eXtendOrders is a NetSuite order configurator which guides your users through the order entry process.

NetSuite Promo Integrations

PromoStandards for NetSuite is our broadest reaching integration that enables both suppliers and distributors to get connected to powerful aspects of PromoStandards. Interact with data and leverage the powerhouse for your native NetSuite account.

AlphaBroder enables you to place orders, create items, retrieve product information, and execute inventory level reporting directly within your NetSuite account.


ASI’s ESP platform offers members of the promotional products industry the tools they need for success. With product search, status updates, and more, it has become a staple for both suppliers and distributors of promotional products.

Integrate with SanMar and gain access to key data insights within your NetSuite account. Now, you can enable order placement, create items, retrieve product information, and have inventory level reporting using live data from SanMar.