NetSuite Services

Are you considering NetSuite as your ERP solution? Are you a seasoned user looking to streamline your process and increase your productivity? Are you scratching your head asking how to get back to your customer record? Whatever your skill level or needs, eXtendTech can guide you through the process of harnessing NetSuite for your business. Custom builds, application development, and third-party integrations are our game, and we play to win.

NetSuite Consultation Services

Analyze your business opportunities with NetSuite


  • Solution Assessments
  • Business Requirements
  • Guidance & Advisement
eXtendTech can help you design a project to fit your needs.


  • Solution Design
  • Business Process Flow Mapping
  • End-to-End Process Development
Configure your NetSuite use cases to fit your company.


  • Enable Features
  • Custom Forms
  • Custom Workflows

eXtend The Suite

NetSuite Consulting

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Our advisory and consulting services position you to maximize your investment in the platform. Success with NetSuite is being able to manage and extend it’s capabilities within your organization.

There are many options when it comes to NetSuite consulting and delivery services. At eXtendTech, we take pride in our deep NetSuite knowledge and strong business acumen. Our dedication and focus in the platform allows us to go deeper and truly understand the businesses we engage with. Years of industry experience, battle-tested methodologies, and a focus on continuous improvement have yielded best practices that expedite the delivery of NetSuite.

NetSuite Customization

If you're interested in NetSuite customization, our eXtendTech team can help you create an integration that works for you.


  • Transaction Integration
  • Website Integration
  • Record Synchronization
  • Authentication
Want help developing the front end of your NetSuite account? eXtendTech is here to help!


  • Advanced PDF / HTML Templates
  • Scripted Form Generation
  • Web Collaboration UI
  • Data Entry Modals
eXtendTech can even help you execute app development to further your Native NetSuite scope.


  • Web Based Apps
  • Mobile Development
  • Windows Applications
  • Operational Productivity

Designed for NetSuite

Designed for YOU!

Sync and update your NetSuite data automatically with our eXtendASI NetSuite integration app

Unleash the power of the platform through custom NetSuite development. eXtendTech offers application and integration development for NetSuite with a focus on efficiency and productivity. Whether you need native development, or integration with external systems, our team of consultants, developers, and designers will create a solution tailored to your needs.

The more you unpack NetSuite, the clearer your needs become. For example, the out-of-the-box functionality NetSuite offers is incredible, but it may not be correctly configured for your company’s needs. Or maybe you want to be able to click a button and automatically generate a report that gets emailed to your team as a PDF. Custom NetSuite development by eXtendTech can help bring your NetSuite usage to the next level. At eXtendTech, we know every industry has specific functions and rules that are unique to it.

With NetSuite’s flexible and highly customizable platform, we can tailor it to meet your company’s specific needs, and improve your business.