Teamwork Projects

A Direct NetSuite Integration with Teamwork

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Teamwork Project Integration for NetSuite

App Description

Teamwork is a market leading project management software trusted by over 20,000 companies and is known for their differentiation in the crowded project management software space.

eXtendTech is proud to offer a direct NetSuite to Teamwork Projects integration that connects the two to maximize efficiency and synchronize project constructs between both platforms.

Our bi-directional integration was designed to allow companies to streamline their workflows with the user friendly Teamwork projects framework, while keeping the structures and controls within NetSuite in the forefront.

Teamwork Projects isolated image with screenshot of NetSuite platform.
eXtendTech offers a Teamwork Projects integration that allows you to easily track projects and time and report it directly into NetSuite

App Highlights

  • Real-time leads, prospects, and/or customers to Teamwork companies.
  • Real-time project synchronization between NetSuite and Teamwork.
  • Project tasks synchronization from Teamwork to NetSuite.
  • Streamline workflow
  • Easy access to data in NetSuite and Teamwork Projects


First step is to sync the entity. Create a Prospect or Customer in Netsuite, choose whether or not to sync to Teamwork, and boom…NetSuite Record = Teamwork Company….living happily together into the future.

Easily create Teamwork Projects


Create a project in NetSuite for that previously synced entity, and that Project shows up in Teamwork ready to get into action. Take control of the project in Teamwork, we’ll keep track for you.

Sync your project tasks with our eXtendTech integration


As you add tasks in Teamwork, they will show up in NetSuite to keep things aligned and tracked accordingly. The tasks will show in all native NetSuite functions and can track variables against task just as expected.

Seamless Syncing

Within NetSuite you can choose when to sync entities and projects to Teamwork and, in return, project tasks can be synced back to NetSuite to allow for accurate time tracking and measurement within NetSuite.

Teamwork usability strength combined with NetSuite audits and controls

Users of Teamwork Projects love the application due to it’s ease of use, external accessibility, low barrier of entry, and high value. This mature software solution is a  fan favorite and has been getting better and better over the years. 

NetSuite has the customizability and accounting controls where they provide you with the tools to fit the square peg into the round hole. 

By establishing the project control in NetSuite and providing it to Teamwork Projects, then your organization can thrive in their respective toolsets without compromising the structure. 

With all of our integrations, it’s about analyzing the logical structures between two utilities and identifying where they can mesh together to allow them to sing in harmony.

Closing Things Up

Trigger project archiving in Teamwork Projects from a parameter in NetSuite.

When a project is completed in NetSuite, our integration can archive the project in Teamwork so you can keep your project count managed and not have to perform redundant functions.

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