Toggl Integration

Drop the mic on timesheet entry for good

NetSuite's Toggl integration is a powerful tool to add to your account. Now you can keep track of hours and report them directly in NetSuite!

Toggl for NetSuite

App Description

Toggl Track claims to be “the world’s best time keeping software for individuals and businesses” and being one of the 5+ million customers ourselves, we tend to agree with them. Toggl changes the dreaded timesheet and billing process into an easy breezy experience for everyone.

Our Toggl to NetSuite integration provides all of the structure of NetSuite mapped into the structures of Toggl Track and returns the favor by sending all of the time entries back into perfectly organized time entries in NetSuite.

Isolated laptop showing Toggl dashboard for eXtendTech's NetSuite integration.
eXtendToggl is a Toggl Track integration with NetSuite.

App Highlights

  • Synchronize key records with all of the Toggl structures.
  • Set up import schedules or on demand services to push time from Toggl to NetSuite.
  • NetSuite projects and tasks are real-time integrated with Toggl projects and tasks.
  • Resources sync with Toggl team members to show only things relevant to them.
  • Set billable or non-billable at the task OR project level.
Automatically updated your Toggl timesheets within NetSuite


Set real-time or scheduled routines to capture Toggl time tracking activity and automatically produce fully completed timesheets in NetSuite.

No more manual timesheet entries!

Sync projects from Teamwork to NetSuite for easy billing and invoicing


Create a project in NetSuite, the project shows up in Toggl. Create a task, and the task shows up as well. Projects and tasks are synced in real time, so you never lose track of where your time is going.

Power and ease to the people with the eXtendTech Toggl integration.


This integration let’s your users break free from the weekly timesheet burden and makes time tracking a piece of cake. Your people will celebrate that they never need to do a another timesheet again!

Toggl in the front, NetSuite in the back

With the integration, your primary workforce can simply stay within Toggl to find, track, and detail their work. 

NetSuite is the creator of the Toggl elements that users interact with, and then captures their activity. It’s efficient and cost effective, and adoption is simplified.

Automate Time Based Invoicing

Once your timesheets are created in NetSuite, you can set NetSuite workflows to automate invoice creation. All of the task and user descriptions flow straight through to the Invoice lines.

This makes billing a breeze as all of the details and structure of NetSuite is upheld while all of the time entries flow into it.

When NetSuite sets the structure up in Toggl, and Toggl returns the time activity back to NetSuite, the result is fully formatted timesheets ready for billing. What’s easier than that?

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Isolated screenshot of the Toggl time track desktop app that integrates with eXtendTech's NetSuite Toggl integration.

Timekeeping made super easy

Time entry stinks, no bones about it. Dependent on your process, you will miss entries, have inaccuracies, and no one likes to perform the task.

Change the perspective about entering timesheets once and for all. Leverage our integration to  gain new insights to time utilization, improve organizational accuracy, and streamline timesheet and invoice creation across the entire organization.

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