NetSuite Global Apps

Built For

Take your NetSuite game to the next level with our NetSuite for Global apps. These SuiteApps are designed specifically to increase productivity and efficiency in your company. Check out our NetSuite app descriptions below.

NetSuite Productivity Apps

eXtendFiles is a fully integrated cloud storage and proofing solution for NetSuite users. Leverage all the power that NetSuite has to offer using native custom records, collaborative proofing tools, image conversion, and so much more.

eXtendPresentation allows NetSuite users to generate an external public link on opportunities and estimate records for a data-rich product presentation to send to an external customer.

eXtendMobile is NetSuite’s first DIY mobile application that is a focused no-code mobile application framework that allows you to dictate your desired function. 

NetSuite App Integrations

eXtendTeamwork is eXtendTech’s NetSuite and Teamwork Projects integration that connects the two to maximize efficiency and synchronize project constructs between both platforms.

eXtendToggl is a NetSuite integration that provides all the structure of NetSuite mapped into the structures of Toggl Track. Toggl then, in turn, sends all time entries back into NetSuite organized and ready to use.