One SuiteApp that enables all PromoStandards services for suppliers and distributors

PromoStandards for NetSuite users

PromoStandards for Distributors


The PromoStandards-Distributor Edition SuiteApp is an end-to-end integration that enables distributors to instantly get connected to hundreds of suppliers.

The distributor edition bundle is a turnkey solution that  implements PromoStandards APIs into your NetSuite account. 

This integration allows distributors to search for and retrieve information related to inventory availability, product data as well as enabling transactional integration for sending POs, getting status and tracking as well as invoices from within NetSuite.

Make the most of PromoStandards and improve your team’s NetSuite usage and productivity today!

PromoStandards for distributors lets NetSuite users plug into PromoStandards database
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  • Quickly and easily search for supplier items and constitute them as your items in NetSuite.
  • Enable automated call-outs for Order Status (OS) and Order Shipment Notification (OSN) for all open POs on a preset schedule.
  • Enable automated call-outs for your contracted pricing for items on a set schedule & never worry about submitting a PO with an incorrect price!
  • Automatically fulfill your purchase order transactions using the order shipment notification data.
  • Transmit POs electronically to suppliers and retrieve invoices electronically for a ‘hands-free’ transactional experience.
NetSuite certified suiteapp that works with the newest release of Oracle NetSuite

PromoStandards is approved as a 'Built for NetSuite' certified SuiteApp. This certification means that PromoStandards is fully compatible with the latest releases of NetSuite.

Shared real-time data for NetSuite


 The distributor edition offers real-time data such as order and shipment status, inventory status, and product details and media for you to browse all within the NetSuite platform.

Streamlined data with eXtendTech's NetSuite app integration


Now you can experience a more streamlined process in NetSuite while using our PromoStandards integration. Enjoy features like auto-generated records, product pricing and configuration tools, and order notifications.

Experience growth and support with PromoStandards for suppliers


At eXtendTech we pride ourselves on bringing you a quality NetSuite app experience with dedicated support, regular NetSuite app updates and a commitment to PromoStandards.

Multiple Order Status Lookup

Whether on a schedule or on-demand, call-out for order status and get expected ship dates and expected delivery dates for all your open purchase orders with a supplier from a single screen within NetSuite.

Ordering Made Easy

With PromoStandards for distributors you can easily enable scheduled call-outs for status and tracking info updates within NetSuite via the OS & OSN services.

You can also easily fulfill your drop-ship purchase orders using the order shipment notification data delivered via PromoStandards API.

PromoStandards has been evolving for years. Each day, its use case is growing across the promotional products industry as is the use of NetSuite. Without a doubt, now is the time to get on board.

eXtendTech supports PromoStandards for NetSuite users with a variety of services and bundles. These services and bundles are custom tailored for the promotional products industry.

In addition to the distributor edition, we also offer a supplier edition as well.

Both are designed to enable distributors and suppliers running on the NetSuite platform to take advantage of PromoStandards.

Customers are able to rapidly install and use our integration for their business with our bundled application.

As a result, productivity and accuracy improves right away. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Start feeding and consuming PromoStandards data within your NetSuite account by leveraging our bundles.

PromoStandards for NetSuite users

PromoStandards for Suppliers


The PromoStandards-Supplier Edition is a SuiteApp that enables suppliers to publish product information and transactional data in accordance with PromoStandards APIs.

The bundle provides suppliers of promotional products and branded goods the ability to publish information from NetSuite offering distributors real-time access to information they need to sell your products.

When configuring your PromoStandards application,  you control and determine the services/endpoints that you want to grant to each of your customers.

Our PromoStandards integration offers NetSuite suppliers an easier and faster way to interact with PromoStandards data. Read below to find out how our NetSuite app can help you.
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  • Easily create and manage unique login credentials for each distributor needing PromoStandards API access from within your NetSuite account.
  • Reduce phone calls and emails by making order status and tracking information available from your NetSuite account.
  • Provide access to media libraries so distributors can access product images and videos reducing requests made of your team.
  • Enjoy regular updates ensure that your implementation is compliant with each new NetSuite release as well as the evolving PromoStandards services and versions.
Shared real-time data for NetSuite


PromoStandards for suppliers offers you order/shipment status, pricing data and inventory status all from within the NetSuite platform.

Easily find product data with our PromoStandards integration


Easily find product data, product media, pricing and configuration, and product compliance with a few simple clicks inside NetSuite.

Experience growth and support with PromoStandards for suppliers


We are committed to providing the most accurate integration with PromoStandards. With regular updates and dedicated support, you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands.

Increased Productivity

Reduce phone calls and emails by making simple data such as order status and inventory levels available to distributors from your NetSuite account.

Dedicated PromoStandards NetSuite Support

Our dedicated support team is here to help you resolve any issues or questions you may have about our NetSuite apps. Speak directly with our team by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner and receive support right away. We are committed to providing you with the best NetSuite app experience. So, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions or comments!

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