NetSuite's First DIY Mobile App

eXtendMobile for NetSuite

No Code App - It's All You

eXtendMobile is the first NetSuite focused no-code mobile application framework that allows you to dictate your desired function.

eXtendMobile is unique because it allows NetSuite Administrators and Users create their own functions to GET or POST data. 

Pick a record, select the fields you want to view or edit, and then start calling for your data. The functions are practical for your remote workers, field services, production floor management, or even empower your vendors with an ability to fetch and update your PO’s.

The possibilities are endless on what you can create to supercharge your operational efficiency.

eXtendMobile is the first DIY NetSuite mobile app built for NetSuite users across all industries.

Innovative Features

  • Connect to any NetSuite record, including Custom records.
  • Design your own form, directly in the app…quick and organized.
  • Create your own function, save it, and distribute.
  • Customizable – the framework is flexible and can support 1:N integration flows with third-party data providers*

*Non-NetSuite integrations into the eXtendMobile framework require custom development services.

Find any document and view it in eXtendMobile.


eXtendMobile allows you to connect to any accessible record within NetSuite. No limits to what you could see and update with the eXtendMobile framework.

Tailor your eXtendMobile experience to what matters most to you and your company.


Query records, pull fields, pick and choose what fields go where, and how you want them to behave. Within minutes you can build your own custom function that can go live immediately. It’s quite liberating!

Scan your documents into NetSuite.


Choose whether you want to scan a barcode using your phones’ camera, or enter something in, your choice. View and push data back and forth to NetSuite on demand. Your info, your way, on demand, and fully integrated.

Create or Edit Records

Choose any record type, and then select if you would like to create new records, or pull up / edit existing records. The app is built to let you decide which function serves your requirements in the best way.

Create functional roles, along with the functions to go with them...code free.

The pinnacle value of the eXtendMobile Application framework is that it provides organizations to quickly develop any number of micro-functions that pinpoint the need for retrieving or posting data. Every organization can benefit by tracking additional data points along their specific workstreams. Sometimes that need happens in the field or on a production floor where you aren’t sitting down at a computer. eXtendMobile opens up the field for you to do targeted functions from anywhere.

With the no-code function designer, you can create any number of specialized functions and group them together for different roles and employees.

With eXtendMobile giving you the ability to connect to any record, select any field from that record you want to engage with, configure field attributes or defaults, and then pull, edit, and post. It truly is putting the power of NetSuite in the palm of your hand.

See how eXtendMobile can help you expand your business efficiencies by setting up a demo with us today!

Flexible NetSuite power in the palm of your hand

Production workers, field services, vendors, or anyone connected to the organization can run eXtendMobile to stay fully interconnected with the records they need to interact with.

Explore how the eXtendMobile application can serve your organization by saving valuable time and money every single day.

Come see how we redefine efficiency leveraging the eXtendMobile app.

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