A NetSuite Actual Gross Profit Solution – eXtendJobs

Introduction Have you ever found yourself puzzled over NetSuite’s lack of Gross Profit Tracking? Working with so many clients that faced this same dilemma, we found ourselves wrestling with a clean way to derive gross profit from a group of sales and purchase transactions. Many of our clients have high transaction volumes requiring drop ship […]

NetSuite’s automation capabilities: Your next best new hire

Introduction I’ve mentioned in several of my recent blog articles that in addition to being recognized as the leading cloud ERP platform, NetSuite is also a powerful development platform as well. The power lies in how the software was architected which enables end-users to build their own ad-hoc reports via saved searches.  It also gives users […]

Simplifying the Tracking & Management of Royalties


Introduction This article is relevant if you need to easily manage liabilities for royalty payments to your customers and/or third-parties.   A use-case for royalties that we frequently see is when goods being sold are customer-owned items. When an item is customer-owned, it holds no value on the books but requires that the quantities are properly […]

NetSuite Work Order component additions and assembly builds using mobile – eXtendMobile

Build A Work Order

Audience This article is for organizations running NetSuite who desire the ability to leverage custom mobile solutions to increase productivity and data insights within their operations. Specifically, this article addresses the ability to perform “on the fly” work order component additions as well as assembly builds using a mobile device. Introduction Did you know that […]

Bulk Constitution of Items via Integration

background image for blog about NetSuite bulk item constitution via CSV file

Introduction In a previous blog article, we highlighted an item integration framework that we built.  Our framework enables NetSuite users to build ‘connected’ item records from their vendors.  The integration allows users to search through their vendors’ product catalogs right from within NetSuite. This allows them to find the items they wish to purchase and/or […]

eXtendMobile for NetSuite – Scan, Update, and Cloud Print on the fly

Mobile app scanning built specifically for NetSuite

Audience This article is relevant for organizations that are looking for ways to pull up NetSuite data, perform edits, and update information back to NetSuite using a custom mobile application. We also discuss cloud printing operations within the same mobile app context.  Introduction We’ve dedicated a lot of our time into developing a powerful utility […]

Case Study | Signal Group

Signal Group partners with eXtendTech to solve common, yet complex, e-commerce problem.

Introduction & Background Signal Group, LLC is an e-commerce company located in Novi, Michigan. Founded in 2002 by Jerry Chapman, Signal Group recently implemented NetSuite as their ERP System and the SuiteCommerce platform for their webstore. “We migrated to NetSuite from our own home-grown system and that process was challenging. We had a decade plus […]

Tech tip: Enabling a Print Button Function in Saved Search Results


Introduction We recently met with one of our customers looking to implement the electronic invoice service available within our Built-For-NetSuite PromoStandards SuiteApp. During the review of the exception handling process, we demonstrated several of the custom views that we provide as part of our bundled application solution that enables them to manage the inevitable invoice […]

Tech tip: Including Preview or Thumbnail Images in a Saved Search


Introduction During a recent demonstration of our eXtendFiles SuiteApp, the prospect to whom we were  presenting was blown away by a simple saved search that we shared. Having learned the prospect had been running on the NetSuite platform for some time, we were taken aback at their amazement to something that we commonly utilize in […]