Flexible and Scalable
Decoration focused
MTO or Program Items
Rule Driven Itemization
Native / Internal Construct


Order Entry
Artwork Management
Decorator Routing


Transaction Generation
Automated Line Constitution
Formatting and Transmission
Memorized Re-orders

Guided order entry and automation.

eXtendOrders guides your users through the order entry process, ensuring all relevant information is displayed and captured. It will automatically write the lines and generate the documents you require to get your custom items produced accurately and efficiently.

eXtendOrders has been evolving since the day it was born. It started as an automation tool, but, after processing hundreds of thousands of orders, has grown into so much more. The flexibility of this tool and its customizable design becomes apparent to every new client, making it an invaluable tool for their NetSuite workflow. eXtendOrders is a unique tool designed and proven to increase the speed and accuracy of your order-to-cash processes.