NetSuite Direct API integration with S&S Activewear


This week’s article is relevant if you are a distributor running on the NetSuite platform that does business with S&S Activewear. Today, we proudly announce that we’ve built a NetSuite direct API integration with S&S Activewear. This latest direct API integration provides similar functionality to the  integrations that we already offer for two other leading apparel suppliers:  AlphaBroder and SanMar.

This S&S direct API integration provides distributors the ability to search the vast S&S item catalog right from within their  NetSuite account. This integration also enables users to quickly and automatically create NetSuite item records for the specific styles, sizes and colors that they wish to sell.

Once those items have been properly created within NetSuite via this direct API integration, the items are ‘connected’ to the associated S&S Activewear items. From that point forward, distributors are able to easily refresh pricing on these items and to electronically transmit purchase orders.

How exactly does it work?

A NetSuite user will navigate to an item search screen and execute a keyword search for the product they wish to find. Below is an example of a search and the results returned.

From here, the user can review the list of results and can drill-down on a specific item to view more details about a specific product.

Once a user decides they’ve  found an item that they wish to bring into their NetSuite account , they are able to assign specific category and/or class attributes (if applicable). They are also able to choose only the size and color options for the product that they wish to create. Of course, if they want all sizes and colors available, they could simply leave those fields blank in order to create item records for ALL sizes and colors.

Once the user has made their selections, they press the Constitute Item button and a process will kick-off to create NetSuite item records for each style, size & color combination selected.

If the user has chosen to build more than 5 variants of a product, the item constitution process will run in the background. This allows the user to continue working within NetSuite while the process continues to execute.

Once all of the item constitution process has been completed, the user will receive an automated email notification. The email contains a list of all of the items created with embedded URL links to each item record.

The value of having a 'connected' item record

Once items have been built via this direct API connection, the NetSuite item records are  ‘connected’ to the corresponding S&S item. This enables distributors to easily call-out to refresh their pricing from S&S Activewear; either on-demand or via a scheduled workflow.

Having NetSuite item records that are ‘connected’ to S&S Activewear items enables distributors to electronically place purchase orders to S&S directly from within NetSuite!

That's really cool, but what about my existing S&S  item records?

We recognize that distributors  already running on NetSuite may have hundreds or even thousands of item records for S&S products. To handle those situations, our experts can perform matching routines against your existing items for S&S Activewear.

Recently, we performed a matching routine for one of our midsized distributor clients and were able to successfully link over 21,000 items (based on UPC code) to the corresponding S&S item.  So, even if you already have NetSuite item records on file for S&S, we can help. 

In Summary

We firmly believe that having quality item data is paramount. It is at the core of any valuable ERP solution . The challenge that companies continually face is how to keep item data current and correct at all times.

When it comes to managing item data, we recognize the power of integrations and the savings that can be achieved.  Having a quality ERP solution like NetSuite and the right set of integration tools can make easy work of an otherwise daunting task. That is the reason why we offer numerous integrations such as PromoStandards, an integration with ASI’s ESP system in addition to our supplier direct API connections.  That is also why we continue to publish articles highlighting tools to tackle this important task. In prior months, we’ve  published similar articles about maximizing the value of integrations and being able to search, select & create items

So if you are looking for ways to simplify or improve the management of item data in NetSuite, let’s have a conversation.

About eXtendTech

eXtendTech invents specialized “Built For NetSuite” applications and integrations along with providing expert NetSuite solution services for clients across several verticals. Our specialization with Promotional Products companies is just one example of our depth within the platform. 

Some areas of promotional product distributor applications and services address the following areas:

  • Industry integrations including PromoStandards and ASI ESP
  • Supplier direct API connections with AlphaBroder, SanMar and S&S Activewear
  • Enhanced order management tools
  • Artwork & Proofing Processes
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