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Integrated search and ordering from an industry leader.

eXtendAlphaBroder is a NetSuite integration that enables users create items, search for products and info, and obtain inventory levels directly within NetSuite using live data from AlphaBroder. It can also generate purchase orders, vendor bills, and item fulfillments automatically.


Key Features & Functions

Search all AlphaBroder Products

All current AlphaBroder product offerings are available for search and purchase from within NetSuite.

AlphaBroder Item Creation

Create items from the AlphaBroder catalog directly within your NetSuite account.


Seamless AlphaBroder Ordering

Create and place orders for AlphaBroder products directly from NetSuite.

Auto-Generated Fulfillments

Generate item fulfillments automatically when orders ship from AlphaBroder


Seamless Vendor Billing

Automatically produce bills based on info received from AlphaBroder and your order’s current status.