Finally, a fully integrated external storage solution within NetSuite that allows you to leverage all of the native power of NetSuite and customize behaviors leading up to, within, and following the utilization of the eXtendFiles record.

World class file storage and availability, deep metadata connections, and integrated online approval interactions for your Customers and Vendors make eXtendFiles a truly unique and superior solution within NetSuite.

Key features and functions:

  • Repository Integration –  Amazon S3, Google GDrive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Box.com.
  • Visual File Picker – Transaction Pop-up Modal to allow user to visually select a file that will target its’ source URL into a Transaction Body Field.
  • File Picker Custom file captions – eXtendFiles supports the configuration of eXtendFile record meta-data in the caption of the file when using File Picker.
  • Drag & drop – Drag and Drop functionality within the NetSuite record to load files to eXtendFiles from your local drive to the repository.
  • External File Upload – Generate file upload links to allow your Customers and/or Vendors to upload files directly.
  • File Upload Notifications – When a file is uploaded from an external source, eXtendFiles can send a notification to alert you that a new file has been uploaded.
  • Connected Records – files are automatically associated with related NetSuite records so the file can be found throughout the Transaction chain, and on the Entity records related to them.
  • File Conversion – eXtendFiles converts AI, EPS, PSD, DST, and other types of files into lightweight images and thumbnails to facilitate viewing, sharing, and displaying on forms and web pages.
  • Customizable and data rich – Add fields to your eXtendFiles to pack more powerful information within the record and do more with it!
  • Custom Record Support – Connect eXtendFiles to your choice of Custom records. It can be connected to any Standard or Custom record.
  • Client / Vendor Online Proof Approval / Collaboration – eXtendFiles allows your Customers and Vendors to review, comment, and collaborate through an intuitive and responsive web interface. Files will be updated in real time and send you a response when recorded.