eXtendPS-SE now supports PromoStandards Product Compliance Service

MONTVILLE, NJ – eXtendTech today announces that our eXtendPS-SE application bundle now supports the PromoStandards Product Compliance Service

The eXtendPS-SE (PromoStandards – Supplier Edition) bundle enables suppliers running on the NetSuite platform to serve product and transactional data to their distributor customers in accordance with PromoStandards APIs.

The eXtendPS-SE bundle provides suppliers with the complete array of available PromoStandards services/endpoints including:

  • Inventory
  • Order Status
  • Order Shipment Notification
  • Product Data
  • Media Content
  • Product Pricing and Configuration
  • Product Compliance 
  • Purchase Order
  • Invoice

In addition to providing suppliers with the ability to serve data via PromoStandards, we also offer a distributor edition bundle eXtendPS-DE that enables distributors to take advantage of consuming data from supplier endpoints.

                                   Summary of PromoStandards Adoption as of 3/25/2021:


Both editions of our PromoStandards integration bundle are used by more than forty leading¬† promotional products suppliers and distributors, including a number of which are listed on ASI’s Top 40 Lists.¬†

If you are interesting in taking advantage of our specialized built-for-promo applications to supercharge your business, let’s have a conversation.

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