PromoStandards-compliant distributor tools offering NetSuite automation, product/order information, and more from PromoStandards-compliant suppliers using NetSuite.


Order/Shipment Status
Inventory Status
Product Details & Media


Auto-Generated Records
Product Pricing & Configuration Tools
Order Notifications


Dedicated Support
Regular Updates
Commitment to PromoStandards

The information you need, in real-time.

eXtendPS: Distributor Edition is a turnkey NetSuite/PromoStandards API integration solution. The eXtendPS: Distributor Edition bundle implements PromoStandards APIs in your NetSuite account. As a result, distributors of promotional products can connect with NetSuite-based vendors offering the branded products they need. It allows distributors to search for and retrieve information related to orders and inventory, as well as product images and videos. Make the most of PromoStandards and improve your team’s productivity with eXtendPS: Distributor Edition.

Key Features & Functions

Shared Real-Time Data

Access vendor-supplied data directly from your NetSuite account in real-time over a SOAP API defined by

Super Fast Item Creation Tools

Select an item form a vendor’s PromoStandards inventory and auto-populate your NetSuite form with accurate item data directly from the source.

Multiple-Order Status Lookup

Access live data about your order status, expected ship dates, and expected delivery dates for all your purchase orders with a supplier on one screen.

Product Media Library Access

Instant access to media libraries of product images, videos, and documents from suppliers and vendors.

Live Inventory Information

Easily search and retrieve live inventory data for the products you want from vendors also using PromoStandards API.

Product Pricing & Configuration Tool

Easily fulfill your purchase orders using the order shipment notification data delivered via PromoStandards API.

Order Shipment Notifications

Easy access to updates and notifications for order shipment status.


Streamlined Order Fulfillments

Easily fulfill your purchase orders using the order shipment notification data delivered via PromoStandards API.

PromoStandards has been evolving for years. Each day, its use is growing across the Promotional Products industry. Without a doubt, now is the time to get on board. eXtendTech supports PromoStandards with a variety of services and bundles. These services and bundles are custom tailored for the Promotional Products industry. In addition to eXtendPS: Distributor Edition, we also offer eXtendPS: Supplier Edition. Both are designed to enable distributors and suppliers to take advantage of PromoStandards within NetSuite. Customers are able to rapidly install and use PromoStandards for their business. As a result, productivity and accuracy is improved right away. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Start feeding and consuming PromoStandards data in NetSuite eXtendPS bundles today.