eXtendFiles – Improve your NetSuite cloud storage and file management

eXtendFiles - Built for NetSuite cloud storage, proofing, and collaboration tools

Do you need eXtendFiles?

We know how it goes. Upload a file to the NetSuite file cabinet. Go back to find it a week later and you’re greeted with a hairball of files and folders. With no idea which files belong to which orders you start clicking around, until suddenly you’ve found it! You immediately select it, and click send. But as you click send… you realize that you just sent a photo from your last beach vacation. D’oh! We’ve been there ourselves, and we know the struggle is real. 

Now, your file cabinet might seem overwhelming and it probably is! Ours was too. As a result, we found ourselves wasting time digging for files that should be easy to find. Files that should be connected to the records where we need them most. Files that we should have easy access to because we use them all the time. As feature-rich as it is, NetSuite unfortunately doesn’t offer the tools needed to make that happen easily… So we built eXtendFiles!

What does eXtendFiles do?

With eXtendFiles, you can easily attach files to records within NetSuite, keep your assets organized, and help avoid the file hairballs common to NetSuite. Linked directly to cloud storage providers such as Amazon S3, OneDrive/SharePoint, G Drive, Azure and Box, eXtendFiles offers cloud storage, proofing, and collaboration tools built for your business. You can quickly send proofs to clients with updated approval status saved directly on the NetSuite sales order. Easily attach client logos to customer records so you know where to find it on every order. Share files with people outside your company using public links generated right within the NetSuite record. Get all these features and more with our certified ‘Built For NetSuite‘ eXtendFiles bundle. 

You can check out our video (below) for a quick overview or look us up in the new SuiteApps marketplace and then drop us a line to set up a live demo!

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