What is

What is NetSuite?

NetSuite is the world’s leading cloud-based ERP (enterprise resource planning) system. It centralizes key business functions and data into a single cloud-based ERP solution. As a result, it enables teams across your company to connect and share data increasing productivity, efficiency, and ROI.

Using NetSuite doesn’t require any new hardware or software to help your business begin realizing its full potential. In fact, all you need to utilize NetSuite is a your favorite web browser and an internet connection.

In addition, NetSuite has a pricing structure that scales with your business, and no high licensing or maintenance fees. You can feel confident that you’re getting exactly what you need so you know you’re making the most of the investment in your business.

Who Uses NetSuite?

Companies worldwide are improving in their business by choosing NetSuite as their ERP solution. Unlike many out-of-the-box solutions, it has almost limitless flexibility and customization. Subsequently, it’s become the first choice for more than 40,000 clients.

One industry seeing a surge in NetSuite adoption is the Promotional Products Industry. As a result, promotional products suppliers and distributors are learning how much better their businesses can operate with NetSuite at the core.

The NetSuite ERP system manages inventory levels, executes & tracks financial transactions, handles customer relationship management (CRM), and hosts websites with e-commerce integrated directly into NetSuite. In addition, it can connect with PromoStandardsASI’s ESP, and custom APIs from suppliers. In turn, the integrations provide real-time product info, pricing, and inventory data — all in one unified system.

An ideal ERP solution for promotional products suppliers and distributors, NetSuite is helping to revolutionize the way the Promotional Products Industry does business.

Why choose NetSuite as your ERP solution?

There are many options for ERP solutions out there. However, only NetSuite has earned the trust and confidence of over 40,000 businesses, making it the #1 cloud ERP solution.

Unified & Centralized
View company data and insights in one unified ERP system, improving efficiency and accuracy. Connect key aspects of your business so you can access and share info with just a few clicks.

Real-Time Data Updating
NetSuite ERP system keeps your data updated and distributed across your company. For instance, you can automate common actions so data is always accurate and available.

Flexibility & Customization
Customize NetSuite to create a perfectly tailored ERP solution so you always have the right solution for every stage of your company’s growth.

Vast Digital Ecosytem
Digital marketplace, SuiteApp, offers apps and bundles from a wide variety of developers so customers have the ability to add exclusive tools and integrations unavailable for any other ERP. As a result, users can harness all the power NetSuite has to offer.

Who is eXtendTech?

eXtendTech is a NetSuite consulting, development, and design team. We offer NetSuite users solutions for improving efficiency, productivity, and cost savings through native development and logical design. eXtendTech can guide you through the process of harnessing NetSuite as an ERP solution for your business.

Why eXtendTech?


Extensive experience working in and developing for NetSuite lets us deliver what you need, even if you don’t exactly know what that is. In other words, our developers, process experts, and designers have your back.



Our unique skillset helps us provide perfectly tailored solutions for your business. We have combined decades of history in the Promotional Products Industry so we can anticipate your needs and take action swiftly.


eXtendTech is a long-standing member of NetSuite’s SuiteCloud Developer Network. Our applications bring tremendous value to our clients and proves the extensibility of the platform to prospective NetSuite customers as well. As a result, our dedication to excellence with our SuiteApps has been recognized by both NetSuite and solution provider partners.


We design solutions for the unique needs of your business, so you can fulfill your NetSuite goals. Custom builds, development, and third-party integrations are our game, and we play to win.

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