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bundle available for NetSuite today.

Packing with eXtendShip

Pack Description

eXtendShip is a NetSuite focused, full service, multi-carrier shipping solution that allows you to trigger functions at any stage of the order or fulfillment process.

Enterprise class integrations with all major package and LTL carriers provide eXtendShip with the deep connections and the freedom to communicate with them whenever you require.

Address Validation, Rate Shopping, Ship to Delivery Tracking are just some of the features out of the box with eXtendShip.

PromoStandards for distributors lets NetSuite users plug into PromoStandards database
eXtendShip is a new NetSuite tool that will help you pack and fullfill your orders

Pack Highlights

  • Packing – eXtendPack provides an easy to use interface to allow your team to define packages, contents, and generate labels all within a single streamlined UI.
  • Shipping – All the carriers, domestic and worldwide, running the same enterprise integration technology as the rest. 
  • Rates, labels, billing integration. eXtendShip is more lightweight, quicker, and more cost effective that other solutions out there.
  • Focused exclusively on NetSuite – our solution was built for NetSuite and only NetSuite.
Validate and shop with eXtendShip


Our integrated address validation ensures you don’t see surcharges for incorrect addresses and other invalid data.

Assess carrier rates and perform automatic carrier and ship method selections based on the most profitable and efficient ship method to be used for the goods defined.

Pack with extendship


Create different packages and pack-out combinations, define items per box and generate the labels to get them out the door.

Ability to pack different items in different boxes manually, or use the auto pack feature that will pack boxes automatically based on your pre-configured combinations.

Generate ASN documents or create pallet definitions so you can associate multiple packages and / or orders with a single pallet.

Ship with eXtendShip


Domestic package, LTL, or International shipping is all handled with eXtendShip.

Perform comparative rate shopping to determine most time efficient and cost effective method, then let eXtendShip choose the best route for you within NetSuite.

Print of customs forms or submit electronically depending on carrier, cloud print documents for all shipping requirements.

Address Validation and Rate Shopping

Ability to get rates of all available carriers on a any Transaction (Estimates, Sales Orders, Item Fulfillments)

When rate shopping on an Item Fulfillment, user could choose a rate and then Ship

Ability to automatically ship with the lowest rate, regardless of specified shipping method

Upgrade or downgrade methods based on what suits the job most effectively.

All of your favorite carriers - and more...

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eXtendShip Multi-Fulfillment

Multi-fulfillment Description

The multi-fulfillment features in eXtendShip allow for all address management & validation, along with custom packing slips and distributions of multiple NetSuite drop ships within the platform. Transform single larger fulfillments into multiple fulfillments with ease. 

Manage your shipments easily with advanced UI tools and the ability to import both CSV and Excel spreadsheets.

Our PromoStandards integration offers NetSuite suppliers an easier and faster way to interact with PromoStandards data. Read below to find out how our NetSuite app can help you.
eXtendShip is a new NetSuite tool that will help you pack and fullfill your orders

Fulfillment Highlights

  • Import Item Fulfillments or Mass Update item fulfillments with our CSV and Excel upload tool.
  • Validate addresses and set methods prior to picking and packing.
  • Store packout and destination data along with your Sales Order so when it’s time to execute the labels, everything is all set and ready to go.
Bulk label printing with eXtendShip


Ability to Bulk Ship

Create many shipping labels for a list of orders or multiple fulfillments on one order. Generate labels from our pre-fulfillment records, or from any aspect of the transaction lifecycle.

Trigger the print job, and watch the labels spool out to the thermal printer in the proper format.

ASN Creation icon


Print UCC labels

Integrate with TrueCommerce API to generate PDF UCC Labels either per box or per pallet, depending on the customer’s setup

Ship to Store, Pack by Item ship to DC, or Mark for Store ship to DC


Ability to track an order automatically or trigger queries for status on demand from directly within Netsuite.

Ability to check tracking on a schedule and update transactions to identify lost packages

Get delivery notifications of all packages and automatically update per package statuses within NetSuite.

Bill of Lading

Create Bills of Lading for LTL Shipments

Ability to create shipments by adding fulfillments into a shipment

Either manually or CSV import

BOL would be created from the shipment with unique ID and barcode and all required fields

BOL printing supported and ability to upload the signed BOL for record keeping.

Why eXtendShip is better than other solutions

With all of the years of hands on use in warehouses and shipping stations, we’ve used all the solutions over time. They perform similar functions, but carry heavy loads and functions that aren’t applicable to every business.

We believe that the freedom to define destinations, pack out details, import item fulfillments, and generate labels at any stage of the process differentiate the offer from all the rest. 

eXtendShip provides organizations with the ability to take full control of their shipping methods and preferences to support efficient carrier selection and document generation to get your goods into your customers hands as quickly and as cost effectively as you can imagine. 

Lightweight and natively integrated into NetSuite, come see why eXtendShip flies like next day shipping all for the cost of ground.

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