eXtendApps bring function to a new level by delivering techniques and processes that are optimized for speed and accuracy. We recognize that we cannot create more time in a day. The only way to maximize productivity and cut operational costs is to save time. Seconds turn to Minutes, Minutes turn to Hours. We hunt all increments and seek to minimize them. eXtendApps are built to make you move faster, and improve the quality and accuracy of the data being input or handled.


A fully integrated external storage solution within NetSuite that allows you to leverage all of the native power of NetSuite and customize behaviors leading up to, within, and following the utilization of the eXtendFiles record.


Intuitive layout and guided entry yields a superior entry experience built to minimize time and increase accuracy. eXtendOrders lays out all of the variables and give you a way to do multiple configurations on any product. With all of the variability to how an item can be configured or embellished, eXtendOrders provides methods to support all of those combinations. So whether you’re ordering blanks, or you’re doing multiple imprints on a variety of different goods, eXtendOrders will take you to the finish line.


Have a unique challenge? Looking for the best way to accomplish an objective? This is our favorite thing to do…invent solutions. This is were we really eXtend the capabilites way beyond the box. We innovate while staying pragmatic. We don’t over-engineer the solution or the process to manage it.┬áDeliberate design built to scale is what we pursue with passion. Let us take a crack at your conundrum, we eat that business for breakfast.