Seamless integrations between  NetSuite and the suppliers you trust.

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eXtendTech offers integration between your NetSuite account and leading promotional products suppliers such as AlphaBroder and SanMar, industry tools like ESP, or any supplier using the PromoStandards APIs. eXtendTech integration bundles offer NetSuite users services such as native product search, order transmission, order tracking, item fulfillment, invoice generation, and more. To learn more, choose one of our options below or drop us a line for information about custom integrations. Let us help your business start improving productivity, saving money, and moving faster in NetSuite.

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Custom integrations.  Rapid ROI.

We work with suppliers and distributors of all sizes to help them improve their business in NetSuite. Our custom integrations not only save them time and money, but improve the accuracy and distribution of their data, while yielding a rapid return on their investment.

Drop us a line and learn what we can do for your business.