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eXtendTech creates innovative SuiteApp solutions that enable you and your team to be more productive, boost profit margin, and deliver higher levels of NetSuite user satisfaction.

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Extend your business capabilities with full access to Native NetSuite apps

eXtendTech focuses on the important things and improves NetSuite processes and decisions from order creation to document management, creating apps that are user-friendly and easy to use.

Track and Bill Hours

Utilize tools from powerful time-tracking programs such as Teamwork Projects and Toggl.

Cloud Storage Integration

Bring your 3rd party cloud storage solution to NetSuite and enjoy easy access to files.

Connect to Promo

Integrate with promo vendors like SanMar, AlphaBroder, ASI, and PromoStandards.

Grow with Custom Apps

Unleash the power of the platform through custom NetSuite development.

Putting employees first while helping your business grow

Take a quick look at our most popular eXtendTech app: eXtendFiles

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“Hiring new employees is a long process, and you need a trusted friend to help you with that. Hoopi is an amazing HR management platform that will help you from the get-go.”

Geneva Dean, VP HR GTECH

Improve NetSuite processes with eXtendTech apps.

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